Let me tell you a story.... I started Braintree Metal Detecting Group because all of the detecting groups around where I live (Braintree & South East Essex) are closed to new members.  I was told by one, and I quote "We are not taking new members until next September" What year was that ???. They then hung up the phone. Either they are full or they dont want to know or its a closed knit community, probably the latter.

Any way enough about the others. Let me tell you about Braintree Metal Detecting Club. We are in the middle of getting the club put in all metal detecting Magazines.

We are affiliated to the National Council for Metal Detecting.  And if you are not a member you can join through the Club. I am a member myself and it gives you Professional indemnity
 Insurance Cover up to £10,000,000  and legal Assistance. Other memberships are also available:

I have arranged for special discount for buying Detectors and detector bits for example Diggers, Pin-Pointers, Pouches, Hats and more Through Regton Metal Detectors.

We are regularly in the UK's biggest selling metal detecting magazine Treasure Hunting Magazine that is published by Green Light Publishing in Witham. The Club holds many open rallys every year at a price on at least 100 to 200 acres of lanD after the first harvest.

Members pay a reduced fee and it is open to the public so they can se what we find. Also if you have any interesting finds Colchester Museum could even record them if of any interest. (They do not attend our digs) All proceeds go towards BMDC funds to purchase detecting rights on farmers land for the club.

Brian Day

Club Founder & Chairman

braintree metal detecting club

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