What is included in the annual membership with BMDC

  1. FRIENDLY - Although a new club we are friendly and welcoming to new detectorists whether experienced or new to the hobby. We even have spare detectors for you to bring along for your partner or child to give it a try.
  2. MONTHLY MEETS - We meet at the first Wednesday of every month at the Western Arms, Essex, where we encourage new members to attend to discuss general metal detecting gossip and also view some of our members finds.
  3. DETECTING - As a new club we do have permissions but these are limited at the moment but as the club grows we intend to have other sites to detect on as well as annual dig weekends.
  4. DISCOUNTS - Our founder Brian has managed to get all members 10% Discount with Regton Detectors as well as Green Light Publishing. This applies to all club members and all items they offer.
  5. TALKS - We are lucky to have some extremely experienced detectorists within our group as well as links to people who know a lot about detecting and will be giving us talks on a wide range of areas each month.
  6. TIPS - We have a members with a wealth of knowledge in our group who can help and advise new and experienced detectorists on tips to help improve their detecting for many years to come.

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