BMDC Rules

No one likes rules, - but we must have certain guidelines for members so that we can be seen as 'responsible' detectorists and part of a well organised metal detecting club. By joining our club, our members agree to abide by these rules.

Club Rules.  
Braintree Metal Detecting Club (BMDC)  Rules. November 2022

 1) The club shall be called 'Braintree Metal Detecting Club’, hereinafter called 'BMDC'

2) The club shall be limited to 100 full members. ( Excluding honorary members )

3) Members must be paid up members of FID or NCMD and must hold a current Insurance Card from either of these organizations before taking part in any club activities.

4) Membership for the year starts on the 1st of January. Applications for membership renewal, will only be taken during December or January. Application for club membership from prospective members will be accepted during December or January, or February up to, or at, the February club meeting.

5) Yearly club subscription shall be £25.00

6) Members must abide by the Site Rules and the Country Code as specified in the booklet supplied to all members.

7) To retain membership, members must attend a minimum of four monthly meetings during the year and sign the signing-in-sheet for that attendance. Any member who does not attend at least four meeting, or provide a reason, acceptable to the committee, for not doing so, will be removed from the club members list at the following January and will no longer be considered a member of the club. Rule 8 does not apply to honorary members.

8) Anyone breaking the Club Rules is liable to be expelled from the club after investigation by the chairman.

9) Anyone who has been refused membership, or been expelled from the club, will not be reconsidered for membership.

10) Anyone who allows their FID or NCMD membership to lapse will not be allowed on club digs until that membership is renewed

11) Membership shall be by referral from an existing member and must be proposed and seconded by other existing members.

12) Guests may be permitted on club site digs after requesting through the chairman.

13) In order to allow children to be introduced to the hobby of metal detecting there shall be a free junior club membership provided the child is a full member of FID or NCMD. and is related to a full club member.

14) Junior members are permitted on site digs if, and only if, accompanied by an adult member. The adult member shall be responsible for the activities of that junior member while on the site dig.

15) A fee may be required by each member, for each attendance at certain club digs. This dig attendance payment will be assigned to BMDC funds.

16) Any member who receives a request to the club to search for lost items must inform a member of the committee before assisting in the search.

17). All members shall be issued with a membership card, The membership card will remain the property of the club. The membership card details shall include the name, photo and membership number of the member, and an indication of the year for which the card is valid.

The club has a code of conduct to be observed when detecting ( the Site Rules ), as well as a the need to adhere to the Country Code.

Site Rules

1.) Membership cards must be carried at all times and shown if requested.

2.) All cars to display this club dig car badge.

3.) All cars to be parked carefully to avoid any obstruction of roads, gates, footpaths etc.

4.) All rubbish dug must be removed. This is in every member's interest as reburied finds and surface rubbish is both unproductive and untidy.

5.) Holes must be filled in and firmed down and smoothed over at all times. This is again in every member's interest as sites may be lost if this procedure is not followed in a conscientious manner.

6.) Set-aside land under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme may not be dug.

7.) Any member bringing a Junior Member will be responsible for them and their behaviour.

8.) All large pieces of metal are to be removed from fields and deposited to the left of the field gate or entrance. Respect the Country Code. Do not leave gates open, damage crops, or frighten animals.

9.) Do not trespass, Ask permission before venturing onto private land, all items found are the landowner's property and should not be removed without their consent in writing unless special arrangements have been made.

10.) Do not detect on any known archaeological site or Nature Reserve without permission.

No Detecting at night on Farmer's Fields ( No Night Hawking)
ALLWAYS abide by the Treasure Act, up to date guidance can be sought from our local Finds Liaison Officer.

Remember: At all times that you are a member of the club and your actions and behaviour while detecting if not kept to a very high standard could bring the hobby into disrepute. Any members breaching the above code will be removed.   

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